Our practice believes that all children should receive the recommended vaccines according to the guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing diseases and health complications in children and young adults. Regular vaccinations help children ward off infections, and are administered as one of the safest and best methods of disease prevention.

After careful consideration of all of the available literature, evidence and current studies relating to the safety and efficacy of vaccines; under the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics; and by our own clinical experience, our practice has a clear stance in favor of vaccinations. We believe that vaccinating children in an on-time and complete fashion is the right thing to do.  

If you are uncertain about immunizations for your child, you are welcome to contact us with questions. If you are not already a patient family and you have decided not to vaccinate your children, our practice is not the best fit for you. In addition, we will no longer maintain current patients in the practice who do not vaccinate (with the exception of children who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons). We will not be signing any medical exemption forms for the purposes of school or daycare.  

We are confident that this policy reflects our dedication to providing the best care for your children. Thank you for taking the time to read this policy and please talk to any of us if you have questions about this matter.

We are happy to discuss any concerns about vaccines at your child's next visit.

Recommended immunizations from the AAP and CDC: