“I am a health care provider myself, and I have never met a more exceptional doctor. Both her clinical skills and her loving care (for both parents and patients) are above and way beyond. She truly treats her patients like they were her own children, with the same level of concern and care.”

Bernard G., Hidden Hills


“I love Dr Weiss. She's nurturing, competent and reliable.”

Hys C., Los Angeles

 “We'd tried two pediatricians before being referred to Dr. Ben-Artzi, and we're so happy to have found her.  She's so sweet and helpful and listens with more patience and attentiveness than any doctor I've known.”

F.E., Santa Monica

“Dr Jenna Roberts is so sweet and great with our newborn. Could not have a more glowing review for her work!”

Adam G., Marina del Rey


“To have a pediatrician who is so warm, competent, accessible and patient is a gift. My son even landed in ER on New Year’s Eve, and Dr. DiMundo made herself available by phone right away. She even called me the next day to see how he was doing. What’s even more remarkable is that all of the doctors at Morningside have been just as wonderful, to our own kids and to everyone we know who goes there.”

Linda R., Culver City

”They are all wonderful. We've seen Dr. Ben-Artzi, Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Roberts and loved them all. It's so great to know that no matter what day you call you will be able to get in to see one of them:)!”

Leah L.

From day 1 Dr. DiMundo has treated my son with such genuine care and skill. She undoubtedly knows what she's doing and for such a busy woman, she makes herself available for phone calls to calm my nerves about any problems or questions I have (and as a new mommy... I definitely have many)! I can't count how many times doctors have had their receptionists or assistants call me to answer questions for them. This type of personal warmth is definitely what Dr. DiMundo is known for -- it's such an important thing for me as a new parent to have.

She expresses concerns in a way where she already has a solution for them (and she seemingly always does) so it makes me feel very comfortable that she really knows all the answers. Choosing a pediatrician is tough, and I screened about 5 of them until I got a personal reference for Dr. DiMundo. When we met her, we knew she was the only pediatrician we would trust our first born with. Her warm smile never ceases to make me feel like we're on the right track with raising a healthy son - which she often assures that I'm doing. This is also important for me because being a first-time-mom is SUPER nerve-wrecking!

We love, love, LOVE her!

Aileen P., Santa Monica

“I love Dr. DiMundo and her staff. They are kind, professional and truly care for the kids who come into their practice. She knows what she is doing and is always down to explain things in simple terms. Another wonderful thing is how quickly she responds to after hour/weekend calls. Truly a class act, if you are going to be parents and live on the west side, this is a doctor you can truly trust with your kids.”

Justin W., Santa Monica

We love Dr. DiMundo: very efficient and down to earth USC trained doc, doesn't rush through the visits or make you feel like your questions and/or concerns are stupid or unwarranted (especially as a new parent), returns calls same day or within 2 hours after hours before 10 pm and emergent calls even sooner, very clean office & waiting room with nice and mellow staff.

Leanne W., Los Angeles

I have been coming here for just over 6 months now. They have always been attentive and helpful when calling with any issues and I haven’t had problems getting in to see our doctor with medical issues on the same day. I see Dr. Ben-Artzi and she is great with my daughter and very friendly. I encourage anyone new to the area to try them.

Colleen S., Los Angeles

I love Dr. DiMundo! She sees our 4-month old daughter, who has had a huge number of infections and accidents for her short little life. Dr. DiMundo is very sweet and smart. She explains everything and never makes us feel like we are crazy for worrying (you have to worry, right? They are so tiny, and we have no idea what we are doing). After my baby's first eye infection when she was just 5 days old (Staph from the hospital!), Dr. DiMundo gave us her personal cell phone and checked in with us several times over the weekend. She really cares. We also love the office (recently remodeled), and all the nurses and other doctors are also great. They have a policy that you can see any of the doctors if you can't schedule with one, and we have seen them all. A lovely practice. I highly recommend to all my new mommy friends.

Icacosgrrl C., Santa Monica

Dr Dimundo is excellent.  She was recommended to us by another Pediatrician, who is a personal friend but lives out of the area. We actually called her previous to the birth because my wife was delivering at St Johns and she saw my daughter in the hospital as well (her office is across the street). Her demeanor with my daughter has always been exceptional.  My daughter recently had an after-hours emergency (at least we thought it was), and Dr Dimundo called very quickly and was more than helpful in determining the level of emergency and recommending how to proceed.

David E., West LA

Dr. DiMundo has treated our twin sons for over four years since taking over for Dr. Vicki Paterno (whom we also loved). Dr. DiMundo has a great "bedside" manner with both kids and parents, is invariably spot-on with her diagnoses, and has gone out of her way to be available when an "after-hours" medical problem that was short of an emergency but still urgent arose. I'm not one to lavish praise casually, and I recommend Dr. DiMundo without hesitation.

Jeffrey C., Santa Monica

We love Dr. DiMundo. She is really great with our son. Smart, caring and accessible. I always feel like we are in great hands. He once had a terrible bronchial infection aggravated by his asthma so his breathing was in bad shape, even after a steroid shot and nebulizer – she had us sit in one of her rooms for close to an hour until he was better, wouldn’t let us go home nor did she make us rush off to the ER immediately. She’s a terrific doctor.

Angela K., Los Angeles

Dr. DiMundo is exceptional. We were on our first trip to Hawaii, and it was late at night when we arrived (of course that means 3 hours later in Santa Monica) when we needed medication for our son. Not only did she take our call so late, her office manager (and wonderful husband) helped us find a pharmacy near our hotel that was still open, so we could get started that night on meds. Seldom can one find such genuine care and concern. Dr. D rocks!

Heidi M, Los Angeles

Dr. DiMundo is more than a Dr. to our family. We have an 8 year old and a 2 year old. Our 2 yr old has seen Dr. D since she was born. Words, stories and recommendations don't describe her bedside manner, caring and loving ways with our children and how on top of it she is. Whether it is morning, noon, or night, she has always been there for my children, and in today's world of insurance and doctors she is above and beyond what we could have ever dreamed of.

Mike S., Marina del Rey

I believe parents believe their pediatrician is great, because they are nice (and she is!), they are attentive (yep, she is that also), they appear to know what they are talking about (hmmm, double yep!). It is not until you have a child that has a chronic life threatening disease, do you really find out what type of physician (he or she) really is. We see so many specialists, for the various aspects of her disease and yet she still needs a good strong pediatrician. Dr. DiMundo has been a fantastic part of my daughter's healthcare team.  I have had to call her at all hours. She has always been incredibly responsive. After years of dealing with my daughter's health, (at times very precarious), Dr DiMundo has always been on top of it. The office Staff is fantastic and Dr. Jeanne Weiss is great.  One other important  aspect, when you have a child with medical needs,  Dr. DiMundo works extremely well when coordinating and communicating with other physicians.

G.P., Los Angeles

Dr DiMundo is fantastic. My daughter got an ear infection right before a holiday weekend (of course) but Dr DiMundo still was able to squeeze me in.  She always calls back even at night within an hour or so. She'll answer the phone at her office when her receptionist is away. So reliable and attentive. She is prompt to appointments, sweet with my little girl and patient and understanding with me. I love love love her.

Maria A., Venice

Dr. DiMundo is my son's doctor. She has three young children and is extremely sensitive about my concerns with my son's health. Every time we've had an issue that I considered important they've had us come right into the office - there's no nurse who "screens" your issues to determine if they are important enough to come in - if you're worried they just make room for you. We've had some pretty serious issues in the last year and the referrals we've received from Dr. DiMundo have been to amazing specialists. I think she's wonderful.

Tracy O., Santa Monica

Dr. DiMundo really IS as amazing as the other reviewers have said. She is kind and patient and doesn't seem to mind all the questions that we have as first time parents. She was there from day one at St. John's after the delivery and was there every day afterwards checking in on the 3 of us!  We never feel stupid asking questions- even about breastfeeding. One time we were traveling and our daughter developed an ear infection (typical stuff for her unfortunately). On Dec 23 Dr. DiMundo called the local pharmacy to call in a prescription and it did the trick! Needless to say, we feel VERY lucky to have her as part of our team!

Jen O., Los Angeles